Project - Open Data in the Caribbean: Creating Possibilities and Opportunities for increased Access, Collaboration and Innovation

IDRC | Caribbean Open Institute
Purpose / Problem / Opportunity
The Caribbean societies share a wide range of pressing economic, social and environmental demands in many areas, for which effective solutions are often constrained by limited access to high quality, locally relevant data that is timely, accurate and available for public consumption. Open institutional approaches provide a way to tackle some of these traditional limitations. In particular, greater amounts of openly available information and new information and communication technologies are creating opportunities to further and more effectively develop collaborative solutions to the traditional problems.
Project Scope / Description
Provides a platform for expanding the OpenData initiatives in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The Overall Goal of the Project is to contribute to the development of the Caribbean Knowledge Economy though open data initiatives that support policy oriented research networks in the region, and involves the following primary components:
• building institutional capacity to promote, facilitate and provide sustainable support for OpenData policy, standards and initiatives across the region
• supporting the field deployment of open data initiatives emerging from the earlier pilot project in Agriculture, and extending actions to other information sectors (local & regional)
• developing a research agenda that investigates and informs the use and impact of Open Data in the Caribbean
Countries Impacted
Date Started
March 1, 2012
Date Completed
March 31, 2013
Open Data Sources
Agriculture, Tourism, Macro-economic data
Status Updates
Project Summary