Project - mFisheries Research project - Trinidad & Tobago

Purpose / Problem / Opportunity
The empirical questions central to the overall mFisheries research exercise are:

How can the ubiquitous mobile phone be used to solve known inefficiencies in communications which impose unnecessary limitations in earning capacity and social development among low income Caribbean earners?
How can Caribbean capacity be built to engage communities of low income earners in order to collaboratively design, develop, deploy and evaluate applicable mobile solutions?
Very many subsidiary research questions flow from these overarching ones. These include: How could mobile technology be used to support and sustain a human network within the small-scale fishing sector? How could data relevant to the community of interest inform the design of mobile applications to improve livelihoods through increased economic activity and efficiency at the bottom of the pyramid? How could the mobile phone be used to indulge best practices and encourage cycles of use in the small-scale fishing sector?
Project Scope / Description
mFisheries is developing capacity in the Caribbean to pursue opportunities arising from the provision of innovative mobile-enabled services for its poor communities, and providing related empirical data and analysis to inform Caribbean policy and regulation. mFisheries focuses its attention on the small scale fisheries industry in the Caribbean, with particular emphasis on Trinidad and Tobago.
Countries Impacted
Date Started
November 1, 2009
Date Completed
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