Project - Digijam 2.0 Sportshackathon

Worldbank & GOJ - Ministry of Youth & Culture
Purpose / Problem / Opportunity
As part of the Digital Jam 2.0 - "The Future of Work is Online" programme being staged by the Government of Jamaica in collaboration with The World Bank, The SportsHackathon component seeks to bring together developers, designers and sports experts, sports journalists and authorities to explore how technology can better enable sports as a social development tool and provide entrepreneurial opportunities for technologically inclined youth.
Project Scope / Description
The purpose of this project is to facilitate the SportsHackathon by:
a) Developing an Open Data Webservices API that enables software developers to access Jamaican sports data relating to the major national sports of track & field, football, cricket and netball, for use and re-use in the development of novel web and mobile applications
b) Conducting an Ideation process to crowd-source the problems and opportunities that exists within the various sporting sectors as well as educate stakeholders on the potential of technology to solve problems
Countries Impacted
Date Started
February 1, 2012
Date Completed
June 28, 2012
Open Data Sources
electronic datasets relating to Jamaica’s Sports ecosystem including: events, performances, institutions, athletes and infrastructure
SportsData API
Status Updates
Project Summary