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The Caribbean Open Institute maintains an electronic library of documents relating to Caribbean Open Data and Communications issues, topics and interests, including presentations, short papers, articles and other relevant documents. We have also compiled a growing reference catalog of current and emerging research on Open Data and Open Institutional approaches. Access the Research Library

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Executive Summary Report The Caribbean Open Data Conference & Code Sprint - 2012

Regional Executive Summary and Individual country reports for the The Caribbean Open Data Conference and Code Sprint, themed “Developing the Caribbean” that was staged over the 2-day period, 26 – 27 January 2012 at locations in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and the Dominican Republic, with virtual participating nodes in Barbados and Cuba. The report provides a concise summary of Event highlights and outcomes including links to multi-media content and Applications developed from the codesprint.

DevCA - Regional Organizing Committee

Mar,2012

Towards a Caribbean Open Institute: Data, Communications and Impact

The workshop, “Towards a Caribbean Open Institute: Data, Communications and Impact”, was hosted by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), June 30 – July 1, 2010 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica. It brought together international experts and stakeholders in the Caribbean to explore opportunities for strengthening policy-oriented research in the region.

This document summarizes the initial recommendations and guidelines for the development of the initiative emerging from the meeting. It briefly highlights the general challenges identified, the vision developed by the participants and some initial steps to guide actions in the area of Open Data, Communications and Monitoring and Evaluation.

International Development Research Center

Jul,2010

Data Visualization in Review

Report from an IDRC study that assesses the potential of data visualization to assist in effectively communicating research for influence. Related documents include a practical tip sheet was also produced which provides hints to help design effective visualizations. The study is available in French and English, and the tip sheet is also available in Spanish.
Data Visualization in Review: Summary Report

IDRC’s Data Visualization Review by an Infographics Expert

Redesigned IDRC Visualizations

10 Data Visualization Tips (read the Spanish version)
- Spanish Version:

International Development Research Center

Aug,2012

A Review of Freedom of Information, Data Protection and Open Data in the Caribbean

This report was done for the Public Sector Information online: towards a Global policy framework workshop held at the Internet Governance Forum Nairobi, Kenya 2011.
Of the 16 Caribbean states, 7 have enacted freedom of information legislation and 4 have Data Protection legislation. There are however a few open data databases that have been identified in several countries. These tend to be from academic institutions and government projects and many are industry specific (e.g. focused on agriculture and fisheries).

Keisha C Taylor

Sep,2011

Big Data for Development: Awareness, Motivations, Barriers and Attitudes towards exploiting Its Value

This report summarises the findings of a business survey conducted by the Mona School of Business and Management between January 1 and February 15, 2020, which sought to determine Big Data capabilities, attitudes and value opportunities among Jamaican organizations across the public and private sectors. A total of 40 organizations, largely private sector companies, completed the survey. Findings and insights from the study indicate significant value opportunities for Jamaican organizations to work in collaboration with Academia to fully exploit Big Data assets.

Mona School of Business & Management

May,2020

Smart Communities, Smarter People: The Case of a Pilot Project in Jamaica

Presentation at the Academy of Business Research Spring 2020 Conference
March 25-27, 2020

Mona School of Business & Management

Mar,2020

Code-for-the-Caribbean - Guide to Launching Innovation Fellowships

The popularity of innovation fellowships has never been greater.Around the globe, enterprising, civic minded individuals seeking to increase the capacity of civic organizations to operate and of citizens to engage with them are designing fellowship programs to support their goals.

This report is an attempt to share insight into the design of innovation fellowships.It is co-designed with the sta! and mentors of Code for the Caribbean and Reboot, based on both direct experience and interviews with fellows and fellowship administrators past and present, as well as a literature review of the current public documents around innovation fellowships.

Reboot; Code-for-the-Caribbean

Aug,2013

DevCA 2015 Conference Report

The Developing the Caribbean Conference & Code Sprint is a product of a unique collaboration of Caribbean and International organizations. The 2015 hosting of DevCa brought together more than 340 attendees participating in 8 events across 4 countries. The event expanded from two-day event to a month long series of activities, creating a “big tent” in which distinct communities can find common ground to share experiences, lessons learned from ongoing work, and collaborate to unlock the potential greater adoption of open data and digital government can have on the Caribbean’s development.

This report was produced by the SlashRoots Foundation with contributions from country partners.


Feb,2016

DevCA 2016 Conference Report

Since its inception in 2011, the Developing the Caribbean Conference & Code Sprint has grown to become the Caribbean’s marquee platform for discussing open data, digital governance and innovation for addressing development issues. For the 2016 event, we choose the theme “Towards A Caribbean Data Revolution”, in response to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s call for a “data revolution” to drive the global development community towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


Apr,2017

Constituency Development Fund Participatory Budgeting - Tell Your MP - Project Report

This report documents the Tell Your MP” initiative (TYMP) model developed through a human-centred design process with stakeholders in the constituency, lessons learned from its inaugural pilot, and recommendations for improvements to the programme model.