Caribbean School of Data Going Digital in Haiti

The Caribbean School of Data is a principal partner in "AYITIC Goes Global" an initiative of LACNIC and IDRC that seeks to increase women's access to employment in Haiti by building digital capacities in the field of Information Technology. The project is being implemented with the support of local partner ESIH -- Ecole Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haïti -- and other regional partners including Slashroots.

The component of the project to be managed by Caribbean School of Data will provide a catalyst for our mission of providing a platform for a comprehensive and sustainable "data literacy" program that will help to develop greater awareness, attitudes, competencies and capacity to build a stronger data culture across the Caribbean. Specific activities of the CSOD component includes:

Researching best practice:

  • training delivery in resource constrained environments
  • effective pedagogical mechanisms for sustainable learning outcomes
  • course piloting and evaluation

Evaluating delivery mechanisms:

  • on-line / off-line access modes within constrained infrastructure
  • use of the mobile phone as a learning platform
  • Hybrid delivery models (Blended)

Curriculum design, and creation of modular eLearning courses

  • modular eLearning courses in digital / data skills training
  • Enhanced, engaging, multi-media content to create an interactive and varied learning experience to encourage deeper learner engagement with the material

In many respects, the challenges of the sustainable delivery of online/distance education and digital skills training in Haiti mirrors and exacerbates many of these broader Caribbean issues, including the limited availability of a consistent quality of local trainers, facilitators & mentors in the digital disciplines; the development of current, context-relevant, language-specific training content; and training delivery mechanisms that enable on-line / off-line access modes to allow for limited bandwidth infrastructure with intermittent availability

The Haiti project will be implemented as an integral component of the larger Caribbean School of Data initiative and strategic partnerships with existing digital training institutions such as the International School of Data and the Open Data Institute, provide the opportunity for access to digital learning content for adoption / adaptation, as well as engagement with other international learning communities of practice.