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Open Data and the Caribbean Gateway: Towards Improved Governance and Decision Making of the Caribbean’s Protected Areas (Final)
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This initiative, through the Caribbean Open Institute, BIOPAMA and the Caribbean Gateway aims to promote open data as a way to potentially improve governance and decision making regarding Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). This was done using two main objectives:
1. To elucidate the potential benefits to be derived, from the sharing of crucial MPA data, regarding governance and decision making
2. To promote the development and adoption of emerging open standards within the Caribbean MPA sector to stimulate innovation in planning, management and communications

Outcome Mapping Methodology (OMM) was used in the aim of improving governance and decision making. OMM is an approach that focuses on behavioural change among groups and individuals. Five countries were selected using agreed selection criterion. For this initiative, a number of boundary partner, who directly influence the decision-making process and strategic partners, who provide support but are not part of the decision-making process were identified. These partners were contacted thorough a series of telephone/ skype calls and email correspondence. Their attitudes and responses were then monitored to assess the degree of behavioural change.
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