Project - Open Data and the Caribbean Gateway: Towards Improved Governance and Decision-Making of the Caribbean’s Protected Areas

Caribbean Open Institute
Purpose / Problem / Opportunity
Most protected areas (PA) in the Caribbean are either co-managed or solely managed by national government authorities. Few are private or entirely community-based. Datasets on biodiversity, livelihoods and governance, relevant to PA and environs, are not yet actively shared by PA authorities or available in the Gateway databases. This constrains governance linkages between local, national, regional, and global stakeholders and limits the effectiveness of policy, legislative, and managerial decisions in a domain that is critical to Caribbean environmental sustainability.The 5-country case studies undertaken through this initiative will seek to demonstrate the value of bringing diverse datasets together to enhance innovation in planning, management and communications”
Project Scope / Description
This initiative seeks to leverage and augment the ongoing Caribbean Protected Areas Gateway initiative by identifying additional datasets, relevant to marine and terrestrial protected areas or environs, that are not currently in the Gateway databases. Emphasis will be on datasets that focus on livelihoods and governance, but new biodiversity datasets are also of interest. Through engagement with key stakeholders and dataset owners, the initiative will identify appropriate open access licensing mechanisms that will facilitate incorporation of these datasets into the Gateway. Through the use of open access APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) we will collaboratively (with each participating country), develop a communication strategy, case study or mobile App to promote or demonstrate the use of open data to address a specific PA decision and so illustrate the potential of the Gateway to link data to better decisions.
Countries Impacted
Date Started
May 23, 2016
Date Completed
August 31, 2016
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Caribbean Gateway
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